Food & You 2.0 is a consumer outreach food campaign aimed at bringing about a massive shift from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet among a specific segment of society. With this campaign, we would be targeting a larger section of society with a higher likelihood to change and prime them about animal welfare and rights issues. We would be collaborating with our partners, experts, and expanding the Samayu community to effect the DIET change toward a more sustainable plant-based diet. Simply put, rather than preaching to a smaller group of animal lovers or transitioning vegans to choose a sustainable diet, we connect with non-vegans through our extensive community of partners and tap into their various networks. This intriguing campaign has the potential to reach millions of people in India and have a large impact.

‘Food & You 2.0’ motivates them to become the better version (the 2.0 version of themselves) to reform their diets. The goal is to shift to a plant-based diet in order to create “Just” food systems that are sustainable, in addition to being ethical, practical, and rational. Such “Food systems” will not only benefit human health but also the health of animals and our planet.

Why “Food & You 2.0”?

We have a simple message for our audience: if the diet is so important in shaping our lives, why shouldn’t it evolve along with everything else? F&Y 2.0 is based on this philosophy and provides assistance to consumers who want to update their diets to healthier diets. The campaign encourages people to become 2.0 versions of themselves, which includes improving their current relationship with the food they consume.

So, in essence, 2.0 is you, but better.

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