What We Do

A Just World is a meta-organisation that supports organisational and individual voices in India dedicated to applying systems thinking approaches in response to the incredible challenges faced by animals and the interlinked people and planetary crises.

The Contex

Today there is growing intensification of animal use in India’s food farming, including dairy, meat and all animal by-products. From dairying to animal poaching, trades involving animals- cause tremendous harm, that ranges from the pain experienced by exploited animals, to the devastating effects on the biosphere caused by animal agriculture.

Our Strategy

We aim to increase the visibility of the issues linking animal and environmental injustice and human suffering, in an Indian context. We identify and support the work of individual activists and organisations working to promote nature positive systems that reduce animal suffering with the goal of ending animal exploitation.

 AJW identifies which opportunities bring maximum results in the reduction of suffering within the context of our organisation’s intellectual, financial and emotional resources. For this reason, we have strategically chosen to focus on maximising our impact on food systems in three phases:

Phase 1

Phase 1 of our strategy includes a research study on current Indian animal rights and welfare issues in the context of animal agriculture, including environmental and public health issues related to industrial farming, leading to a comprehensive landscape report on existing policy frameworks, key actors, influencers and levers for impactful interventions and just transitions in India.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is focused on developing a network of key organisations, stakeholders and leaders aligned with our mission and interested in reducing industrial farming, including government officials, academics, executives from public health, animal welfare, and environmental nonprofits. Analysis from the landscape report will inform actions to be taken and a five-year strategic plan for Phase 3.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is envisaged as a continuous networking and operations phase, including implementation of programs, projects and actions, monitoring and evaluation, and feedback on the operating model developed in the previous phases.

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